Note that this blog post has been archived. Information may be out of date or incorrect.

Teamspeak 3 installation script for Debian/Ubuntu

I installed a Teamspeak server today, and because I had a little time and wanted to brush up my bash scripting skills anyway, I coded a Teamspeak 3 server installation script that should work on most Debian systems (such as Ubuntu). Because of possible legal issues I didn’t include the download of the installation files itself in the script, so you’ll have to download those yourself (use either “Server amd64” or “Server x86” depending on your system).

After downloading the installation archive (don’t extract), you can execute the following to install your very own Teamspeak 3 server:

wget https://raw.github.com/gist/3730343/39db4465b5f7f97213f015bedb888e74c7db8526/install_teamspeak.sh && \
    chmod +x install_teamspeak.sh && \
    ./install_teamspeak.sh <insert path to installation archive here>

If you’d like to take a look at the script, don’t let me keep you. If you run into any problems, please leave me a comment :)