Computer Graphics

Language learning resources

A few things I like and use often.


Museo Slab, Source Code Pro

General Mac applications

Adium, Sublime Text, GrandTotal, Many Trick’s Moom, iTerm2, AlfredApp, LatexIt, Go2Shell, Navicat, Spotify, Skitch, MAMP Pro, GrandPerspective, AppCleaner

Development applications

git (duh), rvm, scm_breeze, ImageOptim, PNGMini, PNGQuant, dnsmasq, grc (generic colouriser), Objektiv

  • coreutils (via brew) - These OS X default tools are so old!
  • multitail (via brew) - Like tail, but for multiple files and with highlighting

Miscellaneous stuff

Argonaut (my favorite iTerm2 theme), Jrnl

  • My favorite Flicker albums
    • Still File, a real-world recreation of 3D renderings