Note that this blog post has been archived. Information may be out of date or incorrect.

Introducing PHPRepl.app

When developing software, no matter in what language, the ability to experiment with code is often helpful to me. This is why I’ve really come to appreciate languages which ship with a REPL by default, such as Ruby, Python and Scala.

Many languages, however, do not yet provide you with such luxury. PHP is one such language, and, while a number of PHP REPLs already exist, my experience has been that none of them is really easy to install on OS X.

Recently I discovered Boris, which is a PHP REPL written in PHP. Unfortunately, Boris does not work with the standard PHP installation that is shipped with OS X, because it does not have the PCNTL functions enabled. This led me to the idea of building a small OS X app that packages a self-contained installation of PHP (currently 5.4.15) and Boris, which is fully functional right after downloading.

PHPRepl.app is a weekend project of mine providing exactly that, an easily installable PHP REPL. Simply download it and run it, and it will open a Terminal (or iTerm, if you have it installed) with a Boris REPL inside. Since you probably don’t want to compile it yourself, you can download a “beta” version of the app here.

If you have suggestions for improvement, have any issues running the app or simply want to say hi, please feel free to leave a comment or write create an issue on GitHub!