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Hassle free .gitignore management with "gemignore"

For all of you who use Git on a daily basis, you probably know annoying it is to write .gitignore files yourself. But why do so? Someone else has already written them for you! Now for the really “lazy” ones, I wrote gemignore, which is a command-line utility which automatically adds snippets to you .gitignore files. Just take it for a test-drive:

$ gem install gemignore
$ gemignore
-> Available .gitignore snippets:
---> Python
---> Global/Linux
---> Java
---> Wordpress

$ gemignore go
-> Snippets found for 'go':
---> Go
---> Django

$ gemignore add Django
Adding Snippet 'Django'

Features planned as soon as I have the time to write them:

  • Find the nearest .gitignore file instead of using the current working directory
  • Add other sources for .gitignore snippets? (if you know any, please leave a comment :)
  • Proper command-line help

If you can think of a feature you’d like to see in gemignore feel free to post it as a comment. And please report any bugs you find here.